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Mike Lugar

Mike Lugar

Analyst, Web Consultant & Developer

Hi, I’m Mike Lugar, I work full time as a Senior Analyst for a large retail company in Pittsburgh. In my spare time I also advise several small businesses on web technologies, and also develop & maintain multiple client websites through my company MSLtek.

Latest Blog Posts

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If you run into the WordPress Error Establishing a Database Connection after moving your site, or maybe it just came out of nowhere, here is how to fix it. Check Your Database Service Check to be sure that there are no service issues related to your hosting that may...

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Move Shopify to WooCommerce

Shopify is a fantastic easy to use eCommerce platform, but the monthly fees can force many to look at moving to alternatives such as WooCommerce. WooCommerce is the most popular and free eCommerce solution for the WordPress platform. The flexibility of both...

Enable Gzip Compression WordPress

It is very simple to enable gzip compression in WordPress. If you are looking to free up some bandwidth and lower your transfer volume to your visitors, you will definitely want to use gzip. There are two main methods to enabling gzip, either through the use of a...